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freeboard video for your media project c.e.o. gondar teach dot com. in egypt the government crackdown on pro-democracy protesters shows no sign of slowing with the death toll closing in on one thousand while clashes continue the egyptian court may soon free former president hosni mubarak more on the new developments up ahead. and we may soon have a sentence handed down for bradley manning the army whistleblower faces a potential ninety years in prison for leaking government data to wiki leaks both the prosecution and the defense made their final arguments today we'll hear from fort meade coming up. while the airwaves are filled with images of chaos in somalia there's actually more to it the nation has considerable resources that could
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provide a grant of business opportunities a big picture look at somalia and the horn of africa and tonight show. it's monday august nineteenth eight pm in washington d.c. and i'm meghan lopez and you are watching r t let's begin tonight in egypt protests in the country continue to result in bloodshed as pro morsy demonstrators clashed with military forces. ok. it was the death toll in the country continues to rise on both sides thirty six protesters died while in police custody meanwhile islamic militants ambush two of many buses carrying off duty police officers in norway or egypt killing twenty five of them execution style wednesday marks the seventh week of clashes since president morsi was ousted is a. and while spreads to other countries some analysts are worried that the suez
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canal could shut down disrupting oil supplies and driving up the market prices that's something that didn't even happen during the arab spring uprisings so obviously the country is very unstable of that at the moment everyone has their eyes on egypt hoping for a quick resolution but as artie's reports that is a long way off. two very bloody incidences that took place sunday and of course today the first incident yesterday was apparently a botched prison breakouts more state media reporting it was on sunday thirty six thirty six prisoners who had been picked up during the ramses square crisis on friday when morsy supporters and security forces were engaged in bloody street battles were basically in a police truck being moved from a security directorate to prison pending fifteen days in jail pending investigations now according to state media they were attacked this police truck was attacked by armed groups the police responded with tear gas a officer was
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a ledge of the kidnapped and in the in the meantime these prisoners were basically suffocated to death however the muslim brotherhood have a different story they say the prisoners were in fact killed by the police forces and more and more than thirty six were actually dead now the second incident happened in sinai this very very difficult area of egypt's what the related reports are saying are actually conflicting one source talking to a.p. said that armed gunmen attacked two police cars with weapons and basically mowed down these police officers during a game. other sources are saying that a rocket propelled grenade was fired at the police and that's what led to their death this is basically the single biggest death toll in sinai in the last few years so it's a significant event as that particular area continues to heat up because dozens of churches christian businesses and homes torched ransacked and raided by supposed islamist supporters of ousted leader mohamed morsy i spoke to one christian family
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down south where most of this violence not to be occurring in the area who told me that a local islamist family had actually threatened her and demanded extortion money to protect her business so what we're looking at here is really serious crackdown on the christian christian communities to the point where some of the senior members of the church is suggesting that they don't have public appearances christian. so the feeling that they have to stay at home meanwhile churches are going up in flames almost every single day the people are actually saying the security forces are not helping the situation they're not responding to calls for help so the actual citizens themselves about to for human cordons around these churches to protect them from the good the own slow it's really the kind of culture of impunity contributing to this crisis which is the story that we're going to be watching as it develops in the coming days that was artie's belcher reporting in cairo egypt and something to mention that we were just hearing today is that spiritual leader of the muslim brotherhood mohamed body was also arrested today he was being
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detained a.p. reported this just minutes ago also coming out of egypt today a court may release former egyptian president and longtime ruler hosni mubarak and his potential release could result in total chaos from a situation that is already extremely volatile to talk all things egypt i was joined earlier by our correspondent rima dia and i started by asking her what effect the release of hosni mubarak could have on the egyptian crisis. just like everything coming out of egypt this is also debatable a lot of people saying that he is not going to be released just the fact that he was acquitted of one charge today does not mean that he will be released from prison and i think the court system is going to look at the fact that egypt is already in. us and that means that releasing someone like mubarak at this point will probably just add to the flames in egypt and honestly i was just talking to someone who was very much involved in the just do a show. he said this guy is not going to be released this time is over there's no
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go about but what about the idea what he is released you say there's no going back he said there's no going back but are we back to square one from where the country was a couple of years ago to today egypt is divided it seems into these two different groups right now one group that says we are not back to square one we got rid of mubarak's regime and now we got rid of the muslim brotherhood the other group however says that we are definitely back to square one we did get rid of mubarak but mubarak's regime for the past year has been working to restore the government to restore its power and that's exactly what they did ousting morsi ousting the government of morsi of the muslim brotherhood meant for them that mubarak's regime is back a lot of people on the street will tell you that the mubarak's regime is definitely not back and we will not allow this to happen and there is no one in egypt whether pullet this in or from the military who can sell the egyptian people now let's talk
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about some of the media coverage that the people of egypt the ones that you're talking about are experiencing and seeing and how that reflects on the country and reflects personally on them so i know that numerous news stations there have stopped reporting on people saying that the coverage is biased can you explain that a little bit more in detail and what the controversy is there a lot of controversy when it comes to media coverage in egypt right now a lot. of controversy that has to do also with the arabic media and even with egyptian media there seems to be egypt is becoming a sort of rumors factory right now everybody just saying what they want and attributing this to whatever source source they think would say or might say or maybe have said something. like they believe or they want them to say what's going on in egypt is there is a media war people are saying. this is what we want the media
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relays this is the way they want and the media is controlled who is the media in egypt there is the international stations and there is the arab media and there is also the locally owned media and each one of them sees the truth sees what's going on in egypt the way they want to see it and this is why it's very controversial at this moment because everybody is the and as from their own i would say a very narrow perspective and not the whole picture not what's going on actually on the ground so some of the chaos is actually translating into to how people are seeing it on the television screens we can just take one story the killing of the thirty six or the death of thirty six and meets yesterday the way this was reported in different media just tells you how different the media is looking at these issues at these stories that are happening in egypt the first story that came out was that gunmen attacked those inmates attacked the soldiers who were protecting the inmates wanting to free them the second story was that the police fired gag at
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the inmates because of the gunmen who were trying to free them the third story was that they were killed by police because they were trying to escape a lot of different stories and a lot of different narratives in egypt right now and unfortunately it's very hard to discern what exactly is the truth because it's very hard to get into that country to be safe as a reporter in that country there are so many different reasons but let's bring it back here at home. many lawmakers in the u.s. are asking for aid for egypt to be cut off on the other hand you have saudi arabia saying that whatever the u.s. decides to cut off it will make up so what would cutting off usa do really they're already. ready is supporting egypt already is showing a lot of support financially and diplomatically to egypt. the u.s. seems to be split on this there are lawmakers who say that we should definitely cut
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off aid since the law says that any military coup we are not going to support any military going in the region and a lot of people see this is not as a coup they do not see it as a coup and therefore they don't want aid to be cut off however it turns varying all of this on the ground in egypt what does the aid do to the egyptians they gyptian people have not felt the aid of the americans and therefore there are petitions now on the street in egypt asking for the government asking the government to actually demand the stop of aid from the u.s. they're asking the u.s. to stop its aid to egypt any kind of influence the u.s. aid in egypt i don't see this at all at the moment and i don't think there is any influence of the u.s. in egypt it seems it's a very very difficult situation right now thank you for bringing us the latest our correspondent with that meanwhile the fate of bradley manning could be determined as soon as tomorrow army judge denise lend her closing arguments today against the
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wiki leak or this was the government's last chance to explain why the twenty five year old army private first class should spend the rest of his life behind bars are to correspondent liz wahl was in fort meade maryland earlier and she gave us the latest on the progress of this trial. hi maggie and yes today we heard closing arguments in the sentencing phase of this case so this trial is winding down the captain joe morrow delivered the prosecution's argument and he asked that manning basically they asked for no mercy for manning sixty years at least is the minimum that the government is asking for they're asking manning to pay us. one hundred thousand dollars and to be dishonorably discharged from the military clearly from what we heard today the u.s. does not take this case lightly at all and they're definitely making that clear they said today he created a great risk of harm nationals to national security due to the volume and this is
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something they brought up they really wanted to highlight due to the volume of the information that he disclosed was. captain morrow said quote every day on the super net was another day to stick his finger in the eye of the classification system now in this hearing the sentencing phase of the hearing and we heard a lot of testimony very emotional testimony about manning's dysfunctional and upbringing and today the government said that they tried to downplay these mental health issues that manning may have been suffering from at the time that he leaked hundreds of thousands of classified information they said captain morrow said that there were other gay people in the unit and that he was open about it and . people were open with him about it this is according to the government at least today so trying to play to downplay the fact that he may have been lonely and had nobody else that he could have reached out to at the time and that he was suffering
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mentally and that could have led to some of the decisions the defense today or what we heard from coombs this just over the government's is showing no mercy and this is something that coombs opened up right away and said the argument by the government today is interested in one thing and one thing only and that is punishment and coombs said that the. should take several things into consideration when they do deliver this sentence and one of those things is manning is age twenty one years old at the time when he was deployed in iraq had limited experience he cited of failures of his superiors to act to step in and notice red flags that manning perhaps was in an unstable emotional state and somebody should have stepped in and help and he should not have continued to be in the. position that he was in at the time as an intelligence analyst working with classified information they also said that you know what the information that manning leaked wasn't all that
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destructive if anything was temporary in nature and that any long term damaging impacts to the united states is speculative at best according to coombs he also said that manning he has accepted responsibility he has accepted guilt and another thing that can was really focused on today was rehabilitation he said he has proven that he is an excellent candidate to be rehabilitated another interesting thing that coombs did today it's a kind of put this into perspective to put this sentence into perspective is he showed photos from throughout the decade started with a photo of a man walking on the moon and other things that happened significant events throughout history of roe versus wade movies that were blockbuster had showing that this is how. this is how long sixty years trying to really put it into perspective he said by the time that this information that was leaked becomes declassified that the government still wants manning to rot in jail and coombs says that is not fair
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so today coombes really trying to ask the judge to take several of these factors into consideration so that in delivering a fair sentence for manning very interesting and as we heard the sentence could come down as soon as tomorrow we expect you will be there reporting back for us our to correspondent liz wahl out in the field in fort meade maryland thank you so much . meanwhile dr ron paul has been the face of libertarian politics since the mid one nine hundred seventy s. the former texas congressman served sixteen nearest in the house of representatives and has run for president three times receiving one hundred ninety delegate votes at the two thousand and twelve republican national convention dr paul's advocacy for limited government noninterventionist foreign policy and free market economics theory has been a rallying point for libertarians all over the world to spread his views to a global audience last week dr paul officially launched the ron paul channel and internet based show that broadcasts three times per week to discuss his new show
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and his views on the ideal of a libertarian society earlier dr paul joined tom hartman on the big picture. a libertarian society government is so minimal there's no reward for buying government because they can't pass a favor there's no military industrial complex there are no. you know bonuses and subsidies you don't have cylinder is where you get some money from you don't all the r. and d. every company and every medical procedure is all political so that wouldn't exist so there would be a very good investment if government were held to that of protecting liberty. paul will also speak to larry king later this week so stay tuned. well what is the first thing that comes to mind when i mention the country somalia is it poverty or violence or famine war lords child soldiers drone strikes whatever your initial
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thoughts about the country are chances are that they aren't good and chances are that they are also inaccurate while some of all of these elements and those things exists in that country the fact is that somalia is also home of beautiful beaches and business opportunities even oil riches the u.s. is becoming more and more involved in the horn of africa with drone strikes covert cia operations even diplomacy and one man says that it is the wrong thing to do michael shank is the director of foreign policy at the friends committee on national legislation and he just returned from somalia he joined me earlier today to discuss or to discuss what he learned there. i followed somalia for years and used to write on it pretty often two thousand and six two thousand and seven two thousand when we were heavily involved in airstrikes and fighting the islamic courts union back in the warlords so i wanted to visit finally as a non federal employee i was a congressional staffer for many years it would have been difficult for me to travel now that i'm off the hill it's easier to go what i found is
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a city mogadishu is primarily in mogadishu that is bustling with activity lots of business the west is not investing in that and that's what i'm here to say and that's what i've been writing about how do we invest in the socio economic future of the country not primarily military which is how we've seen the country and what is the current status of the u.s. in somalia and then broadening out a bit in the horn of africa right so primarily as you mentioned cia drone strikes a little bit of defense support for the african union soldiers very little support for the small the national security forces you see the salary difference between a small these soldiers one hundred bucks a month versus an amazon soldier it's fifteen hundred bucks a month so we need to support the government's capacity on that front a little bit of humanitarian aid but not much investment meeting with somali women small youth groups now much investment in infrastructure roads bridges clean water sanitation power and lighting you know let's figure out a sustainable plan for agricultural development rather than just giving them food that kind of thing so what are some of the solutions here what are some practical
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things that the u.s. can do in the short term and then in the long term to kind of change the path that we're already on right so a lot of people think of somalia as a as a danger zone a war zone that's all they think of so we have to change that perception one two i think they want to partner they want investment they want people to come invest in the you mentioned oil which is one hundred billion barrels of oil that's suspected there but they want to be a part of that process they want to lead that process they want i mean they're frustrated that the west sees somalia. as one in a piece of somalia rather than peace in somalia and so they're looking for partners in that process that's what we have to change you know everything i saw in somalia is very similar to what i saw in afghanistan and pakistan which is we're not trusting locally led processes and that's the difference so are we doing to repeat . the stakes that we made and arguably some of those countries well it looks like it unless and why i'm here today and thank you for giving platform to this we change we change that process it's a fledgling government they want to partner with us but we have to change our mindset now i want to bring up something that you wrote for an article on c.n.n. you said quote beyond the one point five billion dollars provided in the u.s.
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security assistance since two thousand and nine in a myriad of airstrikes that america has rained down on somalia the u.s. has created an untenable situation where any association with the rebel group al-shabaab however remote is illegal and can you elaborate that on that a little bit more and what it means for somalia right so we have a department of justice terrorist watch list so anyone who is on that list any age group cannot associate with that group the phone with al-shabaab is that it's very more if it's very fluid so someone might be related to someone who might be related to someone who's enough about it makes a very difficult world food program was through a lot of their humanitarian aid which ultimately led to a famine which killed two hundred fifty thousand people between two thousand and ten and two thousand and twelve we have to rethink that whole paradigm because it's preventing real socio economic development in the country in ways that will build allies among smaller. and let's talk about somali perceptions and people across the horn of africa perceptions of the u.s. obviously as you mention the only thing that they really know about the u.s.
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is that we have functioning drones that have the capability of killing a lot of people at one time so what else do they think about the u.s. or is that simply it well there are a lot of entrepreneurs so they see the west as a potential entrepreneur when i was traveling throughout the city a lot of people were surprised to see me because i'm not many white male westerners can walk into mogadishu so but they were certainly welcome of my time and it's my investment you know the u.n. monitoring group which is kind of given the oversight over everything and small unit has been pretty paternalistic in nature and that's what they're frustrated with they they don't want another parent telling whether it's ethiopia kenya or the west us you and u.k. telling them what to do so they welcome participation open arms open doors but it has to be one of the. that was michael shank director of foreign policy at the friends committee on national legislation. well after the economic crisis of two thousand and eight more americans are aware of the strange financial world that surrounds us a world where the biggest money makers of wall street create stuff that the common
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man just doesn't use like derivatives and hedge funds not to mention how risky these products have really come to be for more and how things just don't add up the residents lawry hard for most. of us in the market for them the financial industry it sounds like we've pulled ourselves out of recession morgan stanley bank of america goldman sachs citigroup j.p. morgan chase and wells fargo all announced huge airings this quarter we're back baby right not nearly not even close because those earnings are a reflection of what our money really is and that is
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a total complete evil big shit in that those companies don't make anything other than money the companies that make physical stuff said beth and beyond procter and gamble starbucks even those companies are reporting earnings cut the s. and p. five hundred outside of the financial industry is in shambles and to top it off inflation is starting to soar thanks to that bedroom reserves money printing policies its balance sheet was at eight hundred billion dollars the for the two thousand and eight crisis and now it's a two point eight trillion. jeremy grantham is the head of investment management firm t.m.o. who is credited with accurately. predicting every major stock market bubble for the last few decades and in april he argued our global economy shows many of the indicators of potential failure that brought down so many civilizations before ours . the folks over at phoenix capital research have declared the great currency the
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basement has been going but i submit to you this our currency has been debased from a moral perspective almost since the infection as soon as we started in earnest as a society has spent huge amounts of time energy and creativity using money to make money we were doing. right and charles used vets rights the financial system doesn't just unable to act it is that and the bible the koran the vedas are most treasures of holy writings all have very clear language about the inherent evil of using money to make money for usury and yet we continue to create financial instruments like the limit is or debt obligations where people actually make money off of other people losing their homes or their assets if that isn't a vault i don't know what is but not only is our financial system evil it's a law aig if we were to add up all of the debt that people in government oh to the
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money people are supposedly worth that number would far exceed the amount of money there actually is and we're doing nothing to change that so the bottom line is we will crash again i think again and again perhaps beyond recovery if we keep up this evil monetary fiction tonight let's talk about that by following me on twitter at the risk that. while it was the day about the music died or at least not one of the most influential singers of our time passed away. i'm talking about the summer of two thousand and nine when the world stopped to mourn the loss of the king of pop michael jackson shortly after his death the son of the african dictator of equitorial guinea tailed auto nehemiah. a michael jackson's infamous for dazzled glove and for the past twenty eight months the united states has been in
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a legal battle with junior over the rights to that very glove because they allege it was purchased using dirty money and stolen public funds this week the u.s. and obiang jr will go head to head in a los angeles court to decide the fate of the united states of america versus one crystal covered bad torre glove and other michael jackson memorabilia and yes that really is the name of this case really the u.s. doesn't have anything better to do with his time or taxpayer dollars and to recover michael jackson's relics well our own chad boyle joined us earlier to fill a sun on this arguably ridiculous case you know it's pretty ridiculous but. it all stems from the government just being suspicious and finding it suspect that this son of the dictator of equitorial guinea. apparently you know he
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makes thirty million dollars is there two million dollars in his bank account makes less than a hundred thousand dollars a year yet he's taking funds from the public sector from other natural resources timber boyo and he's going around the world in buying mansions bugatti's rolls royces limburg ynys private jets and the u.s. government somehow finds it suspicious so they want to take him to court get the glove back and seize his assets very interesting so he's living the lifestyle of the rich and famous and having all these extravagant things and he's also got this love meanwhile i know the country is living in a seventy percent of them are living in poverty which is incredible but is this really the best. the way that the u.s. could come up with is to go after michael jackson glove do you think it's something bigger or do you think it's really about the king of pop's club i think it's something smaller i think they have nothing better to do so there is a big let's just take a look at they go back you know michael jackson was american we want the rights of
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the glow of but they think they cutting off his assets and seizing back properties and teach this guy a lesson but you know we're not the world police what else did the u.s. want to do with this glove i mean are they going to display it in the smithsonian i know that this guy paid seventy one million dollars for the glove so what are we going to do with the seventy one million dollars glove. maybe. obama will use it in the winter or they're cold or there's only one of them and the other had to be called yeah you know you have to pick your battles which u.s. courts don't seem to really be doing however they did throw this case out once and this is the second time that they are going out again and it's very interesting but really is there any other countries that got involved with this guy i mean as you say he's got this really extravagant lifestyle is it only the u.s. that's attacking him you know actually last summer august of two thousand and twelve the french seize a hundred million dollar mansion that he had in paris they found that he and two other rulers of african nations are kind of you know dirty money taking money out
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of banks across the world and by themselves mansions houses properties and you know they realize that dirty money but see where it goes well as you know chad this is not the first time that. has depended unhinged on a glove although this one is a little bit more dazzled of course then some sense r.t. broadcast journalist chad boyle thank you so much for coming and thank you. all right and that's going to do it for me for tonight's but for more on the stories we covered go to youtube dot com slash r.t. america and for the latest and greatest information on all of the stories that we cover today and a few that we just did not have time to get to check out our web site or to dot com slash usa and to find out what i'm doing when i'm not stuck to this news desk and out in the real world follow me on twitter at meghan underscore lopez and don't forget to tune in at nine pm for larry king now tonight's special guest is oprah
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winfrey it's sure to be incredible glimpse of one of the most entertaining women in the world so don't miss it. a little worse for the little. i don't. want. to give you.


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